Friday, November 2, 2012


Homecoming at my school is a spectacle to say the least!!! It brings out people's best outfits (and/or new outfits) to each event. It was my first time experiencing homecoming at my beloved Spelman College so I was a little distracted from my initial task of getting pictures for you guys of all the amazing outfits I saw. :( I apologize and am letting you know I will do much better in the future. I still don't have a profession camera so that's really something I'm working on to make the site look more professional. Stay with me guys!!:) This is the beginning and it can only go up from here...

This is two trends in one: the american flag and Lita shoes with the wooden heel.
 Trying to take more time to appreciate mens fashion. This is a variation of the Azteca (tribal) print trend.

These printed leggings are dope. I love the green and yellow color combination
My Morehouse Brother @carthenforprez was stylin with the chain lol. #SpelHouse love. Coronation Ball. This blue side peplum dress is from Charlotte Russe 30$
 TailGating/Football Game outfit:) Azteca (tribal) printed Leggings (10$) and sleeveless turtle neck crop top (15$) from Know Style in Cumberland mall Atlanta, GA. Ankle boot wedges from rainbow 30$. Black and gold statement necklace from H&M (12$) 
 The adorable two liked the picture above on my instagram @Houstonscott!!! I was so flattered. Their blog is an inspiration to mine. It's Beyond official. They're a very famous fashion blog/page/duo. 
 Dress from Know Style in Cumberland Mall Atlanta Georgia. (30$) My outfit for the Fashion Show and Hip Hop Concert (2Chainz Headliner) Kathy purse from Italy:))
 Floral print pants from KOHL's lace shirt from Forever 21.

Accessories of the night.
 The Kathy from Italy
Cute Jumpsuit from the huge Forever 21 in New York City. Neo Soul Concert

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