Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sexy Lace and a Sweet Face

This outfit was a huge hit! One of my all time favorites so far.
I added a orange, brown, khaki, and pink tone braided belt  and the red lipstick for a a pop of color. I styled my hair in a high bun because it is a very sleek and fashion forward hairstyle this season.

 I am wearing A black lace shirt from Forever 21 over a Bebe tank top. My khaki color maxi skirt is mesh material with a shorter slip build in underneath. I love this type of skirt:). The shoes I'm wearing are from the store I now work at called Shasa. If you live in Texas I advise you buy a pair or two TODAY. The Jeffrey Campbell Lita Look-alike heels are sooo comfortable you will think it's too good to be true. I'm not saying this to be a sales rep, but I'm sharing this because it's a break through discovery for women who can never find "comfortable" heels. It looks like you are walking on stilts but they are the cutest and most comfortable stilts you will ever buy. The store has almost all colors and the entire store is buy one item get the second item 10$ no matter what. (which is insane). Yes I will be spending my first pay check at the store. The purse I'm carrying is Kathy (New Zealand). I bought this rhinestone covered purse in Florence Italy summer of 2011. 

Jewelry: I am wearing some floral earrings from Forever 21 along with my Granddaughter's Club Spelman Legacy pin and a silver locket necklace.

Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella means "hello beautiful" in Italian. I bought this shirt as a souvenir in Florence Italy in the summer of 2011. Purple is my favorite color and I found the phrase in Coca-Cola style writing irresistible to pass by. I don't remember how many Euros it cost me but I don't remember it being expensive. My friend/sister Erica (who is pictured in another post below) Fringed the shirt for me. (instruction in the DIY section). Fringe is a trend no one can ignore this season! Everything is Fringed now. I wanted a DIY fringe shirt and I desired it to be a t-shirt, like this one. It jazzes up a somewhat plain T.

The high waisted maxi skirt was thrifted from Goodwill for about 3$. The high Split gives it sexy appeal like no other. 
Pink cross body chain bag from Forever 21.

The hot pink strap heels are from Rainbow. 30$ people. I'm telling you, Do Not clown Rainbow. Shop in their shoe section. Shopping on a budget is not a game. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This day was a very DIY type of day. I'm wearing my DIY bleached denim shirt tied at the bottom, my DIY studded shorts, DIY bracelet, and matching blue DIY statement necklace on the back of my shorts. (Check out details for each piece in the DIY section).

 I also have on a blue Gummy Time watch with an interchangeable white face, and black tights underneath the shorts. 

 I thought the chunky rhinestone necklace was more appropriate underneath the collar than my DIY necklace, but I still wanted to wear it. So what other place better than hanging out the back pocket to show it off! 

My new beautiful blue Jeffrey Campbell Lita look-alike shoes (from Fordham street in the Bronx) were only 38$. It's true they are a very high shoe, but they are extremely comfortable heels to walk in and wear for long periods of time. The heel is thick giving your more balance, and the platform underneath the toe is very tall making the incline a lot less steeper than it appears. 

I decided to style my hair to the side and put on red lipstick for my fierce attitude. 

My cross body chain purse and black earrings are from Forever 21.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Follow the Instagram Page

I am happy to announce we now have an Instagram account! 
Instagram is now my personal favorite form of social media. Accounts only post pictures with captions unlike Twitter and Facebook. People can like and comment on your pictures. Instagram became a favorite of mine and serves as an inspiration some days because there are a plethora of Fashion accounts you follow and draw from....AND now we are one of them:))
So follow @underhoustonsspel on Instagram!