Friday, January 25, 2013

The Blues

Today Im wearing a button down men's Here and There blue ombre shirt over a white tank top. I thrifted this shirt from Goodwill for a few dollars. 

 The leggings are from a store called "Know Style". 14$
I love the Aztec Print. There are so many accent colors to play with.
 The shoes cost me 38$ on Fordham street in NY.
This style of heel is very popular this season. They are Everywhere!!!
In my outfit to day the color blue gets increasingly lighter and vibrant as your eyes move down. 
 This outfit makes me feel like a star with all the compliments I received today.

XOXO  ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sheer Confidence

Sheer is a very very prominent trend this season. Whether it's chiffon or mesh material. Baring skin is in! (as it always has been). Showing skin with out it being directly out is an art that many designers are obsessed with this year. Designers such as Alexander McQueen, Rachael Roy, Dior, Versace, and Carolina Herrera have incorporated these materials in their Spring/Summer 2013 collections.

 I got this purse from Forever 21 in Times Square.
 The hot pink strap heels are from Rainbow for 30$
 Gold accents for me are very rare.

I got these leggings from the store I worked at called Shasa. You can get a pair of these leggings similar to mine from here (in trendy velvet) and here in Faux Leather (like mine). 

I love the cut outs of the back of the shirt and the detail at the top. 
Have a fashionable weekend!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Winter's Spring

Today I'm wearing a thrifted floral top from a shop in Atlanta called Rag-O-Rama, stockings(/body suit) from my mother's closet, and my DIYstudded high-waisted shorts. I am wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Lita look-alike heels from the store called Shasa that I recently worked at. I bought them in the buy one pair get the second pair of shoes for 10$ sale!

 I couldn't resist the camera phone pics lol. 
 You can see a part of the St. Louis arch in the background. 
 This top was about 3$.

 I called this The Winter's Spring because the top half of my outfit is very Spring looking and the bottom half is winter. It's a very visually appealing breading of the two season's trends. The stockings and shorts combination is very trendy of the winter time, even though it's not the warmest style. But like I ALWAYS say "I Dress for STYLE not function"
 I don't care what the temperature says. I dress how I feel and feel how I dress.

 I love the print of this top!
 Accessories shot:) I love this ring from Forever 21. Its very regal looking. Very similar to the Princess Diana ring but with green instead of the blue. I put on the blue DIY braided bracelet to go with the light blue in the print of the shirt. 
 The stockings are vintage...straight from my mother's closet. It's a treasure chest in there...
 I love these dangling earrings. 
I got this A&R purse in a wholesale store in the New York fashion district for 25$ a few years ago. 

 Back of the shorts studded detail. 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Outfit of the Day Post of 2013!

 Today's outfit is very trendy for Spring 2013. According to Fashion Face off on E! and various other sources Leather is something you can plan on seeing all season long. Further into my trend research I found Denim is also a trend that you will see in many pieces this season (not just Jeans). Black is a staple color of my wardrobe for many reasons: It is a classic neutral tone, it's slimming, it goes with everything. 

 This style of two tone jacket with leather sleeves is very popular. Not alway with denim. A popular Zara coat is similar to this but longer and green material is used instead of denim. 

This vibrant Turquoise is a Universal Color that looks great with all skin tones.
 (along with Ivory, Mid-Gray, Stone, Taupe, Pewter, Purple, Teal and Lavender according too
Earrings are a favorite of mine by Astella19 
Available at for only 7$!!
Necklace from Papaya.
I'm also wearing a hot pink lipstick to give another bright pop of color other than the main accent color of the turquoise just to give the outfit some variety. 
 Ring is from Buckle. DIY braided bracelet. Gummi Time Watch from Market Friday at Spelman College.
Jeffery Campbell Lita Look-alike heels from Fordham Street in the Bronx. 38$
 I paired this high low maxi dress with the wide braided belt to accent the leather sleeves of this jacket and accentuate the waist line to draw it in.
 Dress from Wet Seal. Jacket from Shasa. 


Monday, January 7, 2013

Favorites of 2012

This year was the beginning. Under Houston's Spel started out strong and I couldn't be happier with the success of this year. 
I am even more excited for all the 2013 posts!
Here are my favorites from this year in chronological order: 

 This is one of my favorites because it is all DIY and I'm wearing a favorite pair of #kicksoftheday. I cut the shirt and made the shorts.
 Accessory Bliss>>>> 

 This was my favorite DIY post because I got so much use out of the shorts...and I'm still not done with them.

 They Call Me Angela Davis.
 There's something about all black and a pop of color...

 Thriftapalooza is a word I could use to describe this year, and most of my outfits. Everything pictured here was thrifted except the vest and jewelry. 
 Studs, Shorts, Tights, Heels!!!

 Body chain Heaven. 
Multiple people were ACTUALLY trying to buy this off of me at the event. Can you believe that?!
 Ahh yes this was a great day! Homecoming:) 
 Birthday Peplum Dress from Forever 21 was a knock out!

 This outfit still has the title for my most liked #outfitoftheday and #heelsoftheday picture on my instagram account @houstonscott 
 This was the only time I wore the beanie and that skirt this year. And I loved it.
 This was a favorite DIY and thrifted combination. The Goodwill sweater was 3$ I believe and the shorts I dip dye bleached myself:)
More recent favorite looks this year.
Be on the look out for this year's NEW and IMPROVED posts.
I'll be post more often and better quality pictures with my new Nikon D40 SLR camera. Yayyy! 

Thanks and continue to visit the page!