Monday, January 7, 2013

Favorites of 2012

This year was the beginning. Under Houston's Spel started out strong and I couldn't be happier with the success of this year. 
I am even more excited for all the 2013 posts!
Here are my favorites from this year in chronological order: 

 This is one of my favorites because it is all DIY and I'm wearing a favorite pair of #kicksoftheday. I cut the shirt and made the shorts.
 Accessory Bliss>>>> 

 This was my favorite DIY post because I got so much use out of the shorts...and I'm still not done with them.

 They Call Me Angela Davis.
 There's something about all black and a pop of color...

 Thriftapalooza is a word I could use to describe this year, and most of my outfits. Everything pictured here was thrifted except the vest and jewelry. 
 Studs, Shorts, Tights, Heels!!!

 Body chain Heaven. 
Multiple people were ACTUALLY trying to buy this off of me at the event. Can you believe that?!
 Ahh yes this was a great day! Homecoming:) 
 Birthday Peplum Dress from Forever 21 was a knock out!

 This outfit still has the title for my most liked #outfitoftheday and #heelsoftheday picture on my instagram account @houstonscott 
 This was the only time I wore the beanie and that skirt this year. And I loved it.
 This was a favorite DIY and thrifted combination. The Goodwill sweater was 3$ I believe and the shorts I dip dye bleached myself:)
More recent favorite looks this year.
Be on the look out for this year's NEW and IMPROVED posts.
I'll be post more often and better quality pictures with my new Nikon D40 SLR camera. Yayyy! 

Thanks and continue to visit the page!

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