Friday, January 11, 2013

The Winter's Spring

Today I'm wearing a thrifted floral top from a shop in Atlanta called Rag-O-Rama, stockings(/body suit) from my mother's closet, and my DIYstudded high-waisted shorts. I am wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Lita look-alike heels from the store called Shasa that I recently worked at. I bought them in the buy one pair get the second pair of shoes for 10$ sale!

 I couldn't resist the camera phone pics lol. 
 You can see a part of the St. Louis arch in the background. 
 This top was about 3$.

 I called this The Winter's Spring because the top half of my outfit is very Spring looking and the bottom half is winter. It's a very visually appealing breading of the two season's trends. The stockings and shorts combination is very trendy of the winter time, even though it's not the warmest style. But like I ALWAYS say "I Dress for STYLE not function"
 I don't care what the temperature says. I dress how I feel and feel how I dress.

 I love the print of this top!
 Accessories shot:) I love this ring from Forever 21. Its very regal looking. Very similar to the Princess Diana ring but with green instead of the blue. I put on the blue DIY braided bracelet to go with the light blue in the print of the shirt. 
 The stockings are vintage...straight from my mother's closet. It's a treasure chest in there...
 I love these dangling earrings. 
I got this A&R purse in a wholesale store in the New York fashion district for 25$ a few years ago. 

 Back of the shorts studded detail. 


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