Monday, March 18, 2013 Internship

This semester and over the summer I have an internship with 
WHAT IS COLLEGEFASHIONISTA.COM? is a fashion website for those who are passionate about the latest college fashion styles and trends happening on campuses around the world.  The concept – give college students a medium through which they can experience the latest college trends and where their cunning eye for fashion, photography, and self-expression can be showcased.
CollegeFashionista allows students and other young adults to view photographs of what their peers are wearing at college campuses around the world and gain valuable insight and tips on how to incorporate these looks into their own college fashion wardrobes.
The website features columns written by hundreds of people, with a spectrum of fashion views, all attending universities across the world. These are our “Style Gurus.”



"Our Style Gurus have been hand-selected to capture unique fashion movements and deliver trends as they develop on your campus. They possess a keen eye for the next big craze in all realms of the fashion industry. As students themselves, they are attuned to the role fashion plays in a student’s life. They are committed to reporting on trends that are relevant and applicable to you, the at home (or dorm) reader.
As a Style Guru, it is their task to capture photos of students around your campus who earn the title of a “Fashionista/o”.  Style Gurus are constantly snapping photos of students exhibiting fashion in a fresh and exciting new way—so it’s important to always look your best!  A CollegeFashionista exhibits personal style and incorporates innovative takes on fashion.  A CollegeFashionista knows how to balance the schedule and budget of a student while still being in vogue."

"Fashion is an art form, and simultaneously an outlet for expression. How I feel is how I dress and vice versa. Setting my clothes out for the next morning is exhilarating for me. It’s a chance to create an artwork. That is why I love fashion. Fashion is like the words of language and style is the poetry of clothing." ...CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST. 
My weekly Wednesday articles are called Fashionista(o) Spotlights. I pick someone out on campus that has a unique style that stands out among all the rest and interview them. Here are some of those Fashionista(o)s.   
Afton Lane: Miss Spelman College 2012-2013

Some Unedited Answers that had to be cut because of word count:
CF:Who are 3 style icon that you admire?

AL: My greatest inspiration when discussing fashion would have to be Adrienne Bailon, for her original, classy, simplistic yet tastefully colorful style; As well as her ability to wear all genres of fashion from chic to couture, preppy to urban hipster and boho to casual/sporty.
Second would be Kerri Washington and her professional wardrobe in the new hit series Scandal. As she boldly wears neutral colors that present this “Gladiator in a suit” appeal that’s feisty and fierce in appearance all the way from her shoes to her jacket to the jewelry on her ears.
Third would be the four main Characters from Pretty Little Liars, as each character has a main style Preppy, Sporty, Scholarly and Punk Rock. Each character raising the stakes with their wardrobe based of the setting of the episode as well as the available access to their specific clothes as they are sponsored by Macy’s. 

CF: Who is one style icon that you admire?

AL: My greatest inspiration when discussing fashion would have to be Adrienne Bailon, for her original, classy, simplistic yet tastefully colorful style. Also her ability to wear all genres of fashion from chic to couture, preppy to urban hipster and boho to casual/sporty. READTHE REST HERE.

Fennella Miller 
Sophomore with her own online store!
CF: Who or what inspires your style?
FM: What I love inspires my style. I’ve always had style. I remember being made fun of even bullied for not matching. I never got the point. I was the kid who wore mismatched shoe strings. I’ve never been the one to go by trends. “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”...READ THE REST HERE.

+Fennella Miller @fennellamiller on insta

Danielle Long
@bosslifeeraine on insta 
A Freshman with Fashion Inspired Desires 
 I love her cute accessories and gold accents with this outfit. Her pop of color leggings are adorable with the classic color combination of black and white. Her interest in fashion is apparent with her daily display of charming style.
CF: Where do you look for inspirations of your style?
DLI look everywhere from Teen Vogue magazines, to fashion blogs, and even to people (men and women) walking down the streets.  I find it intriguing how people put together their ensembles, and often I consider what goes through their minds when creating an outfit. Inspirations are everywhere! READ THE REST HERE
Thelma Mbaezue-Daniel: Miss Sophomore
@thelmyyy on insta
This energetic Fashionista from Houston, Texas is making moves on campus as 2012-2013 Miss Sophomore. Her initiative is called “Art, Power, Respect.” This Fashionista hopes that by encouraging individualistic self-expression through art she can help lessen destructive indulgences of the youth.
CF: What celebrity of the opposite sex do you think has the best style and why? 
TD: A$AP Rocky is definitely a fashion icon that has sparked my interest. I’m not saying he has the best style but I do believe his style is innovative and unique, at times his outfits even inspire mine. 

Erica Lamberson

CF: What is your favorite article of clothing and why?

EL: When I was little, I rarely wore them but now dresses are my favorite article of clothing because they are so versatile! I love dresses that are casual enough to just wear for a day out but nice enough to dress up with jewelry and heels to go out at night. I also love them because I can wear them multiple ways. Beyond the normal one-piece outfit they provide, they can easily be adjusted into a skirt with the layering of a loose top or a shirt if the particular dress can be tucked into a loose fitting pant. Plus, they are an easy way to look classically feminine no matter what look I’m going for....READ THE REST HERE
A Sophomore Artist in the truest form. Check out her DIY HOW TO FRINGE instructions in the DIY section in the tab above. 

Precious Enaohwo 
A sophomore Fashion Journalist from the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS. (She has a great fashion blog as well.)
@Firehead_ on insta

CF: What are your style goals?
PE: To reach new heights by exceeding fashion taboos, and going beyond the expected, simply by wearing or doing something that no one has ever done before and execute it to the fullest. And hopefully be able to share that with the world...TO READ THE REST CLICK HERE.

Annisah Agnew
@iconictrends on insta
This Fashionista from Brooklyn, New York is a free spirit that is trying to live her life with no regrets. She enriches our campus with her individualistic style. This Fashionista has a diverse range of clothes in her wardrobe — her style is iconic.

CF: What does your style say about you?
AA: My style says “Dare to be Different” because I feel like people submit to these trends instead of taking them and creating a trend of their own. That’s why everyone looks the same because everyone is scared to be different. So I try my best to accept my own style and that’s why I always stand out.
This feature landed on the front page in a major way!  TO READ THE ARTICLE CLICK HERE

Cydney Fisher

This Junior Fashionista always catches my eye with her unique throwback look. 
CF: Who inspires your style?
CF: It is not one person in particular; sometimes I see a person and I like what they are wearing so I mimic their clothing the next day with my own twist. I loved Rihanna, and the Fanning Girls. Vouge is my fashion lover.

Matthew Garrett 
A sophomore with a Fashion Blog that I will talk more about later. Stay Tuned.
@fullpricegee on insta
Matthew's article was my first Spotlight...AND WE MADE THE FRONT PAGE!!! I got great feed back for my questions and his answers. 
CF: Which celebrity’s closet would you like to raid most?
MG: If I could just invade four celebrity’s closets, one would be Kanye West (especially his Pastelle line that never dropped). I would invade artists Pharrell as well as Chris Brown and their extensive styles. The fourth celebrity would be Biggie Smalls’ closet and I would just have some tailoring done....TO READ THE REST CLICK HERE

Artimeaus Moore
A Sophomore Stylist. 

Artimeaus is the 3rd FRONT PAGE feature!
@TEAMI05 on insta 
Here are his unedited answers I had to cut out due to word count:

CF: Do you have any male fashion tips you would like to share with the readers?

AM: Yes, Young fashionisto’s and men with style remember to be different and stand out and be willing to take chances. It’s one thing to follow trends and blend in with the crowd but it’s time to take it up a notch and try something different. Stand out among your peers. Remember when wear a suit that you should always have it tailor fitted to your body type. No one wants to look bigger than what they already are and no one wants to look like there swimming in a deep blue sea. With that being said have a tailor alongside and if you can’t afford that enhance your skill set and learn how to sew that something that will always come in handy trust me you will not regret it! I can go on all day with types however I feel like that’s one of the things our your men struggle with today because they feel as though if the suit already says tailored fitted that it doesn’t require further assistance but it does! So keep that in mind young men.
CF: What are the best and worst men's fashion trends right now, in your opinion?

 AM: I feel as though men’s fashion has come a long way so everything that is on the runway and in the men’s departments I respect because we’ve come such a long way. We’re not in a box anymore we as men have to be daring but in such a way that they still know that we’re men. With that being said the only problem I have in some of the men’s fashion is that it’s becoming cross gendered. I like for men to look like men and if you have to question whether it’s a man or a woman than that look shouldn’t be on a man if he portrays himself to be a man and not borderline. I love the kilt but with the kilt you have to be strong in who you are and when doing the kilt to make it more masculine I like how they’ve incorporated a baggy shirt to go over it J’s on the feet and leather pants to make it punk rock.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

This is not the last of my post for! I'll be posting once a week until August.
I will make another post with more College Fashionista(o)s soon:)

Style on.



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