Sunday, June 16, 2013

Harmonious Colors

I was headed to class on my beautiful school, Spelman College's, campus as I paused to capture Art in the form of fashion. The luscious greens in the background makes for a beautiful backdrop on the World's Runway of the Sidewalk.

Everything I have on is within the college student budget range. I got this purse from target years ago. I still love it and the floral print will never go out of style. You can never go wrong with floral:)
I got the heels from a store called Shasa that I worked at last summer. The whole store was buy one get a pair for 10$ and none of the shoes where over 30$. Talk about a jackpot! lol. I wear these shoes all the time. The Jeffrey Campbell look-a-likes are still a hit for this year. If you don't have a pair by now... I suggest you get some. 
I got these jeans many years ago at a place called Trader's Village in Grand Prairie, Texas. It's a GIANT flea market an hour outside of my hometown. We always used to go there for bargain shopping. I remember I got these pants for about 11$ and I still love them. I got great quality for a little bit of quantity. They have Fleur-de-Lis stitching on the back pockets in black and trimmed in white.
I was inspired by a hijabi's Fashion and Beauty blogger's sensational headpieces on Instagram and decided to create one myself since I don't own one. I got lots of compliments (and some ridicule) for styling my necklace this way. But I loved it and I'd do it again. You have to dare to be different to be a Fashion Innovator. You can't let others doubts change your mind because you are the leader, you have no one to follow but you have innumerable people to inspire. Get started!

The blogger/Inspiration: Aisha Liina 
This lovely chiffon shirt is A+ Ellen. I got it out of a cute inexpensive store called Image in Houston Texas. It is high low silhouette with gold accents. I love the rich color and unique style of this shirt so I 
wear it often.
I am wearing pearls my mother gave me, and multicolor beaded bracelets from Buckle that were a present, my green Forever21 ring, and some blue rubber pool party wristbands I was selling for my School's Swim Team fundraiser. My team is called the Tigersharks. I was their first female captain and now I serve as the Secretary of the Executive Board.

I encourage you to learn more about us at
I apologize for the lighting. My camera was broken so I had to use my iPhone. 
Enjoy the Summer Time before School starts again!