Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just Meshing Around

My style is about harmonious colors rather than prints. Colors are the first thing that attract the customers to fashion in the retail world. Compatible colors are just simply more visually seductive. I pair together colorful basics and make them look complex.

Beauty Shot!

When I style an outfit I start from one piece and build around it. 

I started this outfit with the mesh skirt.

I looked for colors that went well with it...and so it began.

The white and gold flower Earrings are from Forever21
This infinity (circle) scarf came from H&M last year for around 20$. It was a little pricey to me but well worth it. The color is rich, the texture is beautiful, and the warmth is comfy!

This bracelet was a custom made graduation present from a jewelry designer who lives down the street from my mother. 
I love the brown and green combination. The leaves and the colors give it a nature vibe. 

These ankle boot wedges came from Rainbow for 30$! They hurt my feet the least out of all my heels. I can wear them for hours. 

I'm obsessed with the turban.
I chose to do the cat eye do add drama and red lipstick to match my shirt.
The analogous colors of red yellow and orange look great on anyone! Try it yourself

I love the way this braided belt goes with the mesh skirt. The beige color in the belt matches the skirt and the brown is a wonderful accent and extension of the tan. 

The turban look is becoming increasingly popular with variations such as the knotted headbands or the "turban" style headbands with a twist in the front.
I choose the cheetah print scarf to go with this because I had no pattern anywhere else in my outfit. In the midst of all that color blocking there was a demand for print. 
I love this pic despite the blurriness so I had to include it. lol

This look was influenced by my Inspiration of Indonesian Fashionistas. I love how they Layer items. They have a very Luxurious but simplistic look. It is based on their combination of colors and quality of garments and materials.

This mesh skirt was under 20$. I bought it so long ago I can't even remember the name of the store. But it was inexpensive and has lasted thus far. It was a great buy.

I got this purse in a wholesale store in the fashion district as I was walking down the streets of NY a few years ago for 25$. I've loved it ever since.

Be Fierce!!!!! XOXO