Monday, August 5, 2013

Something for the 80's Ladies

Fashion recycles every 30 years approximately. That places us into 1983 right now. By giving you this rule of thumb all you have to do is ask your parents what was popular to have a correct cheat sheet for what will be "in."

I thrifted this reversible wind breaker from the Scholar Shop in St. Louis Missouri for about 20$ (with the wind pants included). The Scholar Shop is one of the best thrift shops I've been to so far. It was very big, and they had a great selection. But aside from that their profit goes towards students in the area through the Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis. 
So I'm glad to sport this fabulous wind beaker for a good cause.

Enjoy this Video from the Shoot
Music: By Pretty Ricky entitled Cuddle Up

I'm wearing a gold circle necklace I got as a gift a few years ago, and old gold hoop earrings for my accessories.
This is the picture I chose for my Style Guru Bio for this summer. I wrote a few articles in the Accessory Report section for Fridays! So check it out:)

 These platform black and white polka dot wedges are from Forever21. They are 29.80$

 "My body cries because of all of the lies

to me all people at one time in their life defy, 
and foolishly I believed you wouldn't lie"

I got these shades in a store called PinkHeart in Atlantic Station in Atlanta Georgia for 8$. What a steal!

This wind beaker has become a favorite piece of my wardrobe.

 Tunnel Vision.

This red crop top has horizontal slashes on the entire back. I got it for a few dollars at some inexpensive store like wet seal. 

The graffiti under the over pass in my hometown of Paris Texas.

I challenge you to comment with a link of your 80's inspired trendy look to be featured on the site!



  1. I love the photo of you in the jacket with the color graffiti in the background. Clever. It enhances the outfit and makes me want one!

    1. Thank You so much Susan. You should get one. Search your local thrift stores and let me know what you find:)