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CollegeFashionista.com Internship Part 2

Last semester (Spring 13) and over the summer (13) I had an internship with CollegeFashionista.com 
CollegeFashionista.com is a fashion website for those who are passionate about the latest college fashion styles and trends happening on campuses around the world.  The concept – give college students a medium through which they can experience the latest college trends and where their cunning eye for fashion, photography, and self-expression can be showcased.
CollegeFashionista allows students and other young adults to view photographs of what their peers are wearing at college campuses around the world and gain valuable insight and tips on how to incorporate these looks into their own college fashion wardrobes.
The website features columns written by hundreds of people, with a spectrum of fashion views, all attending universities across the world. These are our “Style Gurus.”



"Our Style Gurus have been hand-selected to capture unique fashion movements and deliver trends as they develop on your campus. They possess a keen eye for the next big craze in all realms of the fashion industry. As students themselves, they are attuned to the role fashion plays in a student’s life. They are committed to reporting on trends that are relevant and applicable to you, the at home (or dorm) reader.
As a Style Guru, it is their task to capture photos of students around your campus who earn the title of a “Fashionista/o”.  Style Gurus are constantly snapping photos of students exhibiting fashion in a fresh and exciting new way—so it’s important to always look your best!  A CollegeFashionista exhibits personal style and incorporates innovative takes on fashion.  A CollegeFashionista knows how to balance the schedule and budget of a student while still being in vogue."

"I have ceased wearing jeans and have attempted wearing more trousers, skirts and dresses, as well as head wraps to add sophistication. I am currently into thrifting, altering and making some of my clothes. I have become increasingly creative with my college budget.
Fashion is an open system of communication, leaving room for change and evolution every waking second (just like language and music). My personal style has immensely evolved over the years within this free flowing system. My style is fluid and variant. I have gone through so many phases of style through my life, and now I’m really coming into my own along with everyone else in college"...CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST. 
Last semester my weekly Wednesday articles were called Fashionista(o) Spotlights. I picked someone out on campus that has a unique style that stands out among all the rest and interviewed them. Here are some of those Fashionista(o)s that were not in my first post about the internship.

B.Brady King
Brady is an aspiring fashion merchandise buyer and won "Best Dressed Female" at the Freshman Awards show.
@honeybeeeeeee on insta
In love with this red Michael Kors Bag.
Tayler Ulmer
CF: If you were on the red carpet, what would you wear? 
TU: A plain, sexy backless scoop dress. I think the most simple dresses are the most stunning and beautiful.
How To: To recreate this colored striped maxi dress look, try this Old Navy red and white striped dress. Tayler has on nude sandals with this dress. For another footwear option, these shoes to wear with this would be like stars and stripes of the American flag. They’re cute and very trendy this season. Like Tayler you can also wear a gold malleable necklace with this outfit to add your own “twist” to it.READ THE REST HERE.
@welltaylered on insta

Kelsey Curley
CF: What is your favorite item of your wardrobe?
KC: Probably my chunky heels. Simply because they are so comfortable.
CF: Do you have any styling tips you’d like to share with the readers?
KC: Most of my best stuff comes from thrifting. So if you haven’t been to a thrift store you should go! You’d be surprised at the things you can find.
@123itskelsey on insta

CF: If you could style anybody, who would it be and for what occasion? 
KC: Probably a friend for a birthday or something. I know how to shop on a college student budget.
CF: What is your favorite item of your wardrobe?
KC: Probably my chunky heels. Simply because they are so comfortable.
Kayla St. Clair
CF: What are your fashion goals in life? 

KS: I will be attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York next year. I would like to work for Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung or Alexander McQueen before I start my own line. 
@ksaintclair on insta
CF: Who is your favorite style icon and why?

KS: My favorite style icon would have to be Zoe Kravitz. She is extremely beautiful and has a very unique style. I admire her because she is always comfortable and chic. I also love her style because she, like me, will wear a piece differently than it was intended to be worn. For example, she once wore a Chanel skirt on the red carpet as a dress

My Spelman sister Cleo is super stylist at all times! (And is an expert with hair.)

 Here I transitioned to writing the Accessory Report for the Summer.

Knot the Only One: Reeci Botts 
Head gear is very popular this season and last. From beanies, to snapbacks, to turbans, to floppy hats, the trend of wearing something on your noggin continues! Thick head bands were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Now the trend has a bit of a twist…literally. Headbands with knots on top are blazin’ hot. They’re a milder variation of the June Ambrose inspired head wrap with the knot in the front that is usually done with brilliantly colored scarves.
@reecipeacee on insta

Bag Of Wonder: Lauren Synder
 This Kate Spade bag is the eight wonder of the world! It's a brilliant color, and a brilliant build. This structured look is so effortlessly classic. You don't ever have to worry about structured bags going out of style. They have been there since the beginning and will be here until the end. 

 Her gold accessories are right on trend: the spikes and studs are great statement jewelry pieces. Not to mention gold is really creeping it's way into This year and the next spring collections. 
Beautiful Watch

Crown of Glory: Kailah Pink
@kissinpinky on instagram 
Who says that beanies are only for the fall? Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you are limited and constricted to spring’s bright colors, flowers and pastels. A true Fashionista isn’t afraid to wonder off the beaten path. Sometimes it is more fun to color outside of the lines. This Fashionista chose this cold weather accessory for a bright sunny day, and her choice couldn’t have been better.
Let's not forget the studded details and fabric pattern on the belt to politely interrupt the two solid colors of her top and bottom. 
Beanies can give anyone an urban flare. This streetwear item is blazing through every category of dress. But don’t be fooled it’s not just applicable to one category of style. 

 Ring a Bell?: Cara Zierke
You always hear phrases like “less is more” or “keep it simple” when an onlooker thinks your outfit is about to get crazy. But as a Fashionista, you know you can’t always listen to what others say. This Fashionista chose to wear multiple rings. Some people would think that it complicates the outfit and is too gaudy, but we know it brings a spunky characteristic to her whole overall look.
I had a great time working with CollegeFashionista. So if your college or university doesn't have one and this looks like something you want to do, apply to be the style guru today!

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