Monday, October 21, 2013

Homecoming Beauty #2

By Guest Blogger: Lydia Hayes

Homecoming week is here!!! : ) Need some hair and makeup inspiration for the parties coming up? Keep reading to see three makeup and hair looks you should definitely rock this homecoming week and the rest of fall.


1. Smokey Eye and Nude Lip

This combination is a great go-to look for club nights. For Homecoming week that means parties like Pretty Nasty and Black Love. Start off with a smokey eye, what color smokey eye is up to you; if you want the classic smokey eye go with silvers and black or for a pop  of color try a bronze or golden smokey eye. Just make sure you blend your shadows and always use the darkest color in your crease and the outer part of your lid. And the stamp of a truly well done smokey eye is the smudged liner, so take a smudge brush or your finger tip and rub your liner to complete the smokey eye look.

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A nude lip is a great compliment to the smokey eye because then the focus is truly on your eyes. Plus, nude lipstick polishes off the whole look.

2. Vampy Red Lip and Subtle Cat Eye

In the first look the focus was on the eyes but in this look the focus is on the lips! Vampire and wine colored hues are definitely the latest lipstick trend for fall. Here are four tips to help make sure you rock your lipstick:
1) Exfoliate - a lip scrub is a really easy way to make sure your lips are nice and soft
2) Use lip liner - it’s also a good idea to fill in your lips with the lip liner just in case your lipstick comes off there will still be something on your lips
3) Apply the lipstick - one to two coats as determined by you
4) Place a tissue over your lips and lightly dust translucent powder in order to set the lipstick and ensure minimal smudging

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By subtly bringing out your liner into a small wing will give your completed look a bit more glamour.

3. Purple Eye Shadow

Purple eye shadow had a huge presence during Fashion Week. Now it’s time to take the trend from the runway to real life. Below, Jourdan Dunn demonstrates one way to wear purple eye shadow that can be also work for Homecoming.

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