Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vintage Sequins

Here I am wearing a sequins shirt that I thrifted from the Scholar Shop in St. Louis. My black shorts are from Papaya. The socks were a gift and the hot pink heels were 30 $ from Rainbow.

This purple, green, gold, pink, and black shirt was so unique and sparkly I couldn't leave it at the store!
I chose to wear these shoes to accent the purple and subtle pink in the shirt to really pull the colors out and balance the over all color of the whole outfit. 
I am wearing knee high socks with my heels to complete the vintage look.
Wearing socks with heels is trending now.
Try it yourself and comment with your picture!

These photos are taken down town in my hometown of Paris, Texas in the Plaza. It's a very popular spot for picture taking (especially during prom).

My mint and white purse with gold accents is from Pink Heart and is Urban Expressions label.

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