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The sidewalk is the world's Runway. Fashion is an ART FORM and this website is how I choose to show my ever expanding masterpiece (my style) to the world. My intentions are to inspire and to share my fashion inspirations as well. I will feature trends and classics at all times. Under Houston's Spel is dedicated to featuring my personal style as well as others I admire (including my fellow Spelmanites at Spelman College). Please enjoy and leave a comment if you like what you see:)

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I am a 20-year-old, third year student from the small town of Paris, Texas. I attend the illustrious Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Every proud woman of Spelman calls herself a Spelmanite, which I gladly tell everyone I am.
Today I know that my style is the best it has ever been, and that it gets better everyday that I live. My style will improve because I will gain more knowledge about fashion and my own style as life goes on. My style will continue to change with the times, because it must. We cannot live in one decade. Fashion is an open system, leaving room for change and evolution every waking second (just like language and music). Fashion can never be set in stone. Think about it…we have gone from loin clothes to red lace Marchesa dresses. 

My personal style has immensely evolved over the years. I used to be known in high school for my ability to always match my cool sneakers and shiny sparkling jewelry. My freshman year in college, I was no longer concerned only with sneakers and matching. My style now is more about purely looking great. When I say look great, I mean your outfit looks so great to you that nothing could ruin your day because when you look good, you feel good. My style has the staple base colors of black and silver. I very rarely wear gold or brown. A piece that I will always be found wearing is jewelry (99% of the time it will be sparkling in some shape or form).    

Ever since I saw the quote “style is not a display of wealth but an expression of imagination” my whole mindset for my wardrobe changed. I was tired of wearing what I wore in high school at college. I wanted to step up my game but I didn’t have the monetary funds for it. So I started mixing and matching things I had never worn together. I started thrifting and altering clothes and creating a few things. Everyday now I try to wear a different outfit with the pieces I have in my closet. Everyday I feel as though I come up with a new masterpiece, a new artwork. Fashion is an art form, and simultaneously an outlet for expression. How I feel is how I dress and vice versa. Setting my clothes out for the next morning is exhilarating for me. It’s a chance to create an artwork. That is why I love fashion. Fashion is like the words of language and style is the poetry of clothing.

During College

  • I wrote for CollegeFashionista.com. Search for Spelman College to see my Fashionista Spotlights  from spring semester of 2013, and the Accessory Report from the 2013 summer. 

  • I am the Fashion and Beauty Section editor of the School Newspaper, The BluePrint

  • I was the Burlington Coat Factory Girls' Shoes Buying  Intern for Summer 2013

  • I am now a Lucky Contributor! View my profile and vote for me please.

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