DIY Fashion

Fringe DIY submitted by: By Erica M. Lamberson
Supplies: - t shirt or tank, or whatever clothing you'd like to fringe as long as the fabric is soft or flexible enough to create a nice fringe effect ( like cotton) - sharp scissors - tape that wont mess up the fabric like scotch tape

Step 1 
- lay the shirt down flat on one side

Step 2
-tape the shirt where you want your fringe to be. The bottom of the tape is where the fringes will start. You can do it straight across for a traditional style or get creative and make a varied, slanted, or curved fringe line
 With this step it is recommended to try on the shirt before taping it and decide how high you want the fringes to come up
( the shirt I made in Houston's outfit was straight across )

Step 3 
-once your fringe line has been established all the way across with the tape, decide A) if you want fringe on the front and back of the clothing item or just the side youve taped and B) how thick you want your fringes to be, keeping in mind that they will shrink a little bit. Then get your scissors and start cutting vertical strips across the fabric based on your desired result, stopping at the tape (DO NOT cut the tape)

Step 4 
-once youre done cutting the fringes, pull on each fringe (this can be done in sections ) to stretch them out ( this is why you need flexible fabric :)

Step 5  
-take the tape off and try on your newly fringed customly swagged out shirt! 

T-Shirt Bracelet DIY

I saw this homemade head band and it inspired me to make this little bracelet of the bottom of a t shirt I cut up. And then I saw a lot of statement necklaces while I saw scrolling on Instagram and it inspired me to create this:)

 The bracelet was just made by braiding three strips.
 The T-shirt Necklace DIY was just a series of tying the strips in knots in the middle around the chain and then cutting it in a shape once finished. 

Studded High Waisted Shorts DIY
These babies are my latest pride and joy. I took some Goodwill jeans that were four dollars, cut them and distressed them into high waisted shorts. I then later studded them:)) with studs from hobby lobby that I had to hunt down for weeks (they sell out with in hours of arriving at the store locations). 
When cutting them from pants to shorts, put them on first and take a marker and mark one dot where you want to cut them. Don't draw a line! If its not short enough try them on again and keep adjusting until it's to your standards. I folded mine in half down the zipper and cut both legs at the same time to ensure equal lengths.
When stressing, cut a slight slit and then take the edge of edge of your scissors with one blade and rub it back and forth over the cut several times. ( in the holes and on the bottom of yours where you cut them off at. 

When cutting them into shorts angle the scissors up towards the outsides, meaning when laying them down the crotch part of the pants hangs lower then the edges of the pants. 
Studded the back opposite pocket.
When you find studs you can either poke holes before inserting the prongs into the jeans or just insert the prongs. Once inserted, turn over where u can see the prongs sticking out and fold them inwards towards each other (to the middle) with scissors. It will hurt your fingers to much to do it with your hands. 
I have worn these shorts a lot lately. I just cant get enough of them! Outfits of the Day

Shorts DIY
 Goodwill jeans for about 4 dollars. I cut them into shorts which I initially intended on cuffing, but ened up distressing with scissors.

The shorts distressed in my out fit of the day.

Maxi Dress DIY
 This DIY project is the simplest one in the world. I got the fabric from Wal-Mart cut exactly like you see it (it already came scrunchy like this)....wrapped it around myself and the store too how much I needed and put a seem right down the middle...and Voila you have a maxi dress.
Styled with the red sparkled wedges from Sheik.

Bleached Shirt DIY
 This is a Denim button up shirt I bought at Goodwill, and bleached in a bucket in my sink for 2 days! was a very light blue denim but took a very long time to turn white. Learn from my mistake when trying this and don't add much water to the bucket.

These are my outfits wearing the shirt, which is soon to be dip died OMBRE style!!! Can't wait.

Outfit of the day with the bleached denim shirt.

Ombre Bleached Shorts
This was a DIY project that I did over the Summer that I plan to do more variations of. I just dip bleached shorts to give them an ombre effect. First I thrifted and cut (and distressed) some high waisted jeans from Goodwill. Then wrapped a rubber band around the middle and let them soak in a bucket of bleach for hours (until I saw it was the desired color I wanted). I washed them immediately after and then hung them to dry.

I was really satisfied with the results I got although they didn't turn out exactly how I intended them to. Next time I will try full length jeans :)

Keep in mind on certain websites (such as RunwayDreamz) or in stores (like Urban Outfitter) these are bought for anywhere from $40-$100 depending on the brand name, and I made them for less then a net cost of $6-$7.

Outfits I put together with the shorts: 
These outfits have similar color schemes, dark top and light shorts (bottoms) go well together.