These Jeffery Campbell shoes have a sliver of transparent material as a heel. Contrary t looks this doesn't affect your balance. It's the same as walking in wedges. These are the shoes that I first stopped with the trend.
Lucite has become increasingly incorporated into market.

This is a combination of three trends: Lucite, oxfords, and platforms. A very an avant-garde piece.

See through purses, and clutches are hot! (Candidly Speaking, If your a messy, unorganized person I wouldn't recommend this trend for you.)

Lustrous Metallics and clear bags were a staple in the Burberry Prorsum 2013 Spring collection.

Along with the updated trench coat and cape. Mark my words you will see this hitting the streets in Spring 2015. 

The Furla Bags

 Its structure appeals to a broad audience.

Transparent accessories are also becoming more prolific in stores. 

I am personally so in love with these boots!

I want one in each color. Don't you?!

The pattern boots are to die for!
There are so many different ways these can be worn.
You can wear them with or without socks.
How to create different effects: 
You can wear a neutral sock (black or white), colorful multi colored sock, patterned sock, or solid color to compliment or contrast the color of the soles of the shoe. You can even wear different color laces to to go with any color in our ensemble. The variety is endless! 

The jelly trend isn't only in clear. It's in living color! 

But just be cautious that your clear isn't sending the wrong message...

That's all I'm going to say about that.

Androgynous Fashion 

Today its very obvious that gender-blurring and gender bending clothing is hot. The Genderless or cross gender dressing has become a fad all in its on. It started surfacing as early as 2009, but is now trending full force. Prime examples are Chris Brown, Kanye West, Diddy, Vin Diesel, and A$AP Rocky giving it visibility. 

Chris Brown in Sean Kingston's Beat it Music Video

The trend is also synonymous with women wearing masculine tailored clothing and boyfriend jeans, etc. 
Other icons that exhibit gender-bending characteristics are Prince, and Michael Jackson.
The question is: are the clothes a reflection of society or is society a reflection of the clothes?
Comment your thoughts below.
Read more from source of this article.

Colors of Spring and Summer 2013
The Spring and Summer colors of 2013 have been heavily influenced by Earth Tones with a mixture 
of Achromatic Colors (black, white, and grey). We are in the middle of the Earth Tones and Achromatic spots of the color cycle.
For the Color Cycle to shift it takes 7-10 years. This means that the Earth Tones color scheme became trendy around approximately 2009-2010.

The Achromatic is starting to surface with the apparent black and white trend going on now and will be full speed in 2016. 
 Metallic Copper Brown
 Burnt Orange, Navy Blue, Dusty Grey, and Caramel Brown 
Burnt Orange

Brown, black, and grey are a reoccurring combination through out 2013.
Achromatic Black outfits (with a pop of color) never go out of style.
 These all black outfits can be spotted at anytime, at anywhere in 2013.

A Cultural Shift towards the environmental "Go Green" campaigns has pushed us to search for for crisp color saturations in our terrestrial surroundings.

Different Variations of the Hues of the Bright and Bold Primary and Secondary colors are in effect Summer and Spring as expected. 

 Red and (subdued) Metallic Blue Grey.
 The Fabulous Winnie Detwa in Hue of Blue
Patent Red paired with Achromatic Grey
Bright Purple with achromatic grey.
 Luscious Green
 Caribbean Sea Blue
 Maroon a hue of Red.
 Luminous Turquoise
Orange Yellow
 Red Violet
The previous three pictures were taken at off price retailers. This lets you know that the colors are no longer at their peak but in the middle of the color cycle slowly creeping out of style.
 Aztec/Tribal Print is very popular with the color combinations of this Spring and Summer. 
Jessica Simpson heels with bright vivacious primary colors.


 This is really a 4 in 1 post.
 1-Neon is a trend this season for colors ( the stores represented here are TJ Maxx and Forever 21). 
 2-The Quilted Pattern
 3-Structured Purses (A Fav. of  mine)

 4-And the Chain Cross body Bags 
Love <3

 Represented here are various stores on Fordham street in the Bronx.
 The Shiny (plastic/rubber looking) ones are cuter than the other leather looking boots (in my opinion).
 The reason Combat boots are a trend is because, camouflage, military jackets, and military shoulder structured tops are trending this season (Thanks to fashion week).
Studded Combat boots:)

A very flattering and stylish trend this fall is PEPLUM. I'm absolutely in love with all things peplum. It gives the illusion of a smaller waist thus giving you the shape of an hour glass figure, as do high waisted bottoms, which is also very hot right now.

 As  featured on @instabeauties101 on instragram. 
 These high waisted bottoms give a very flattering body shape feature like peplum does as I mentioned above.
 @hiaddie on Instagram and Creator of Check it out. 
 Cute and Business Casual.
Dress From Know Style Store

Black and white crisp look for my Birthday:)

 Peplum Dress for my birthday Dinner from Forever 21!
This color also looks great against my skin tone. Search for the colors that compliment yours. The universal colors that look great on virtually every skin tone are: Coral and Teal.

A trend this fall is OMBRE: It can either be dark faded int light or light faded into dark. I like both styles

Anddd I know everyone has caught onto the trend of CAMOUFLAGE this fall.
 Camo Shoes I bought for 50$

 Outfit with the Camo Shoes. Camo and black automatically look great together.
@hiaddie on Instagram 

The TWO TONE LEATHER cross body purses:

Also another trend set by fashion week is VELVET:
There's an abundance in stores and especially thrift shops which is a great way to save money on recycled trends!!

This fall season of 2012 brings a gazillion trends to light. Honestly it reminds me of the 90's era because so much was in style at the same time. The 90's had so much creativity and innovation in the fashion realm. A few of the 90's trends are recycling now. Shout out to the 90's BABIES:) like me. (Quite a few of the 90's trends also splashed over from 70's and 80's too).

90's trends that are hot now Such as:

High Waisted Denim (and non denim) Pants/shorts/skirts

 High Waisted bottoms are very figure flattering and forgiving!

check out these shorts in my DIY section.

 Peplum is amazing!!! (this photo was featured on @instabeauties101 on instagram for pencil skirt Monday and beauty of the day:)

Crop Tops

Midriff Bearing Bralettes
@thuyy_trann on instagram

I see a lot of different variations of these platforms. They aren't quite like they were in the 70's but very similar. @thuyy_trann on instagram 
Combat Boots
 I literally see these every day on campus on almost everyone!!! @fashion_dollface on intagram. Also note a version of rope chain is back in style too.

Wildly Colored Pants (or Leggings)
 The patterned pants with a solid color shirt = two thumbs up. I personally love this look. Its a very classic statement outfit. You can never go wrong with this. Now, matching busy prints with more busy prints is very tricky. For those of you who aren't fashion experts yet I would stick with this for now.(The shoulder cut out shirts are also a hot trend right now. It's on my DIY to do list).
@fashion_dollface on instagram
Ripped Jeans

High Knee Socks

Snapback (still) and Strap-back hats and the Azteca (tribal) Print

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